What is the role of “aplustutor.in”?

aplustutor.in is an platform where parents, students and home tutors can easily connect with each other. If you have a passion for teaching, we can help you find your next big tuition job that fits your skills, favorable location, class and subjects.

How to register as a tutor in your website?

Click here to register as a tutor and start applying on the jobs that best matches your skill, favorable location, class and subjects.

Is tutor registration free?

No, the tutor registration fees is Rs. 299/-

I just registered as a home tutor. What should I do next?

Awesome! You have taken the first step towards growing your career as a home tutor. Next step is to complete your profile and get it approved by our team. Once your profile gets approved, you can start applying on the jobs that matches with your class and subject preference. However, in order to go for the trial class and start tutoring, you need to upgrade to premium membership.

Premium Membership helps you in improving your profile visibility, connect with more students and get higher number of tuition jobs. Call us at 9120-074-479 to upgrade your membership now.

What are the benefits of 100{49612e2adf567dfe08718b8927e86f470b2c61dbeacc428de7b24044c12a716d} complete profile? How can i make my profile 100{49612e2adf567dfe08718b8927e86f470b2c61dbeacc428de7b24044c12a716d} complete?

At aplustutor.in, we always encourage our teachers to complete as many sections of their profile as possible and make it 100{49612e2adf567dfe08718b8927e86f470b2c61dbeacc428de7b24044c12a716d} complete. Tutors with 100{49612e2adf567dfe08718b8927e86f470b2c61dbeacc428de7b24044c12a716d} complete profiles are 30 times more likely to get an opportunity of getting contacted and hired by parents for tuition jobs.

To make your profile 100{49612e2adf567dfe08718b8927e86f470b2c61dbeacc428de7b24044c12a716d} complete, visit your profile dashboard page and you will find a section of ‘To-do List’. From there you can complete your profile and see your profile completion level.

Can I change my preferred locations and subjects i want to teach after registration?

Yes, you can update your tuition and subject preference anytime. You can add as many locations where you would like to go to teach and add as many subjects you want to teach. There is no limit!

What should I write in About Me section of my profile?

The About Me section in your profile is a perfect place to summarize about yourself as a tutor, your tutoring experience, skills and subject expertise in a clear, concise, and confident way.

Here’s an example:

“I have 4 years of experience in the teaching profession. I have been teaching Science, Math and Computers to students of class 1st to 8th of all boards. My approach to teaching is very focused and organised. I encourage students to take challenges and strive for excellence. I Have Done B.sc. & M.sc. from Avadh University and my communication skills are good.”

How can I get a APT verified badge in my profile? What are the benefits of it?

You can get the APT verified badge in your profile by upgrading to Premium membership. Premium membership improves your profile visibility and helps you get more tuition job inquiries from students and parents.

The benefits of getting APT verified tag:

  • Increase trust among students and parents.
  • Get you more visibility and job inquiries from students and parents.
  • Helps your profile stand out from the crowd.

As a free member, will I get any tuition enquiry?

No, as a free member, you will not be able to receive tuition job inquiries depending upon the availability. You can only apply for the tuition jobs that are listed in our website.

To get the contact details of students/parents and go for the trial class and start tutoring, you need to become our premium member by upgrading to premium membership. Call us at 9120-074-479 to upgrade your membership now.

How to search and apply for the tuition jobs?

You can search for the latest tuition jobs here and start applying on the jobs that fits your skills, favorable location, class and subjects.

Can I view the list of jobs that I have applied for using your website?

Yes, you can view the list of jobs you have applied for. To view the list:

  • Login to your tutor account
  • Go to your profile dashboard
  • In profile dashboard, Click on ‘Jobs’
  • Now select ‘Applied Jobs’ option available inside Jobs menu.

Will I get tuition job inquiries through SMS and What’s app?

Yes, you will get the tuition job inquiries through SMS and What’s App. Make sure you have verified your registered mobile number with us so that you start receiving tuition job inquiries from us.

I am not getting SMS/Email alerts. What should I do?

This could happen if your mobile number and What’s App has not been verified with us. Do write us at contact@aplustutor.in or call us at 9120074479, if you need assistance in verifying your mobile number.

Do I need to pay in order to go for teaching?

Yes, you would need to Subscribe for a Premium Membership plan in order to go for teaching.

What is the procedure of Premium Membership verification?

For Premium Membership verification, you need to upload certain documents such as Address proof, ID proof, Class 10th Marksheet, latest educational certificate, etc. at the time of registration at aplustutor.in. After successful verification, you can start tutoring. Verification is done to make sure only the right and eligible home tutors get connected with us and become a part of our network.

The registration is valid for 1 year or maximum of 4 successful tuitions which ever happens first. Successful tuition will be the tuition for which we collect the payment for the initial month.

If I register as a premium member, do you guarantee that I will get students to teach?

We have a number of students and parents who are looking for the perfect home tutor for them and they are constantly using our service. As a premium member you will be provided with the high quality tuition jobs and we will connect you with more students/parents for trial class, but we do not guarantee that you will get the tuitions. This will totally depend upon your profile, your performance in trial class, teaching ability and skills.

We ensure that you’ll get all available tuition inquiries and get hired for the job because once you get hired, we get another satisfied customer.

What other benefits will I get as a paid or premium tuition teacher?

As a premium tuition teacher, you will get the following benefits:

  • High quality tuition jobs in your preferred location
  • Fast communications, more tuition jobs, increased earnings
  • What’s App and SMS notification of new tuition jobs
  • Our Customer Service Associate will assist you with the initial process of arranging one to one demo session with the student.
  • We will handle payments with the parent for the initial month to make sure you get paid on time
  • Maximum exposure of your profile in our search results

Is it mandatory to upload documents for verification?

Yes, it is mandatory to upload documents for membership verification. This is done to ensure that all the information you have provided has been successfully verified by us.

When and how I get paid for tuition?

You will be paid after the monthly tuition sessions. We will collect the first month tuition fees in advance from parents and will give it to you after completion of your first month tuition (for the initial month only).

What if I am not selected in trial class?

Don’t be disappointed if you do not get selected in trial class. There are other jobs waiting for you. Check and Apply on latest tuition jobs here. But for the next time before going to give demo, make sure you are well prepared and have revised the topics that you are going to teach.

What are the payment methods?

We pay you the  monthly tuition fees using Cash Or Bank Transfer.

How can i renew my membership with aplustutor.in?

To renew your membership, Click here.