A Plus Home Tutor Provider has a huge database of all kinds of tutors that surely fulfill the needs of your child. Besides the subject experts we have a great database for all Classes / Subjects / Localities who help your child to achieve success by making learning a better experience for them.

We Provide Home Tutoring Services for :-

1st To 8th – (All Subjects)

Class 9th to 10th  (Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Hindi, Sanskrit, Computer etc.)

Class 11th and 12th :- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, English, Engineering Drawing, Accounts, Economics, Business Studies, Information Practice, C++, Political Science, Geography, Sociology, Psychology, History, Philosophy, Statistics, Entrepreneurship, Multimedia and Web Technology etc.

Boards : (C.B.S.E, I.C.S.E, I.S.C, State Boards and NIOS Board etc…)

NTSE and Olympiads: Olympiad examinations bring you great opportunities right from your school days. Though there are many talent competitions which offer you financial aids for studies and acknowledge your talent at state and national levels, the National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is the most prestigious talent cum scholarship examination.

  • NTSE scholarship exam is a national level examination cum scholarship program which recognizes and nurture talented students across India and also offers cash awards to the successful candidates.

At A Plus Home Tutor Provider we understand that you need home tuition’s for the better results of your child and setting a regular pace for academic results, so we are focusing on results and providing the most reliable services to the parents looking for home tuition’s.


Are you worried? About your NEET-(U.G), AIIMS and Finding the perfect tutor who will train you for your Medical Entrance Exam preparation? You are at the right place at the right time, call now to A Plus Home Tutor Provider and learn from expert tutor.

  • Preparing for All India NEET-(U.G), AIIMS? Which Class are you studying in? All your worries and searching ends here at A Plus Home Tutor Provider
  • We have Expert and experienced tutors all set to guide you to help achieve your goal of cracking the NEET-(U.G), AIIMS Exam.

We provide you preferred tutor or if you are confused let us help you select the perfect tutor according to your needs. We provide you private / home tutors for all your subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.


  • Are you worried about Preparing for IIT- JEE and Finding the perfect tutor who will train you for your JEE Entrance Exam preparation? Which Class are you studying in? Are you in Class IX, Class X, Class XI or Class XII? All your worries and searching ends here at A Plus Home Tutor Provider
  • Call now to A Plus Home Tutor Provider and learn from expert tutor.
  • We have expert and experienced tutors all set to guide you to help achieve your goal of cracking the JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. The tutors who work with us have extensive experience and qualifications of providing tuition to variety of students and thus they have the capability to modify the teaching style.
  • We provide you preferred tutor or if you are confused let us help you select the perfect teacher according to your needs. We provide you private / home tutors for all like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.


A Plus Home Tutor Provider has a huge database of all kinds of teachers that surely fulfill the needs of Students. Besides the subject experts we have a great database for all Classes / Subjects / Localities who help you to achieve success by making learning a better experience for them. We provide home tuition’s for various bachelor and professional courses according to the convenience of students:-

  • B.Com (P/H), M.Com (P/H), C.A./C.S./I.C.W.A/CPT – Financial Accounting, Business Laws, Business Organization and Management, Humanity, Corporate Accounting, Company law, Compensation Laws, Accounts, Economics, Business Mathematics, Income Tax, Auditing, Statistics, Business Communication, Cost Accounting, Environmental Studies, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Quantitative Techniques, Laws, Industrial Law, Industrial Relations, Corporate Tax, Operations Research, Company Accounts, Corporate Accounting, Managerial Accounting, etc.
  • B.S.c. (P/H), M.Sc. (P/H), B.Tech/M.Tech Medical/Engineering – Physics, Chemistry, (Organic/Inorganic), Zoology, Botany, Maths, Genetics, Micro Biology, Electronics, Computer Science, Geology, Home Science etc.
  • B.A./M.A.– Hindi, English (Grammar/Literature/Conversation/Writing Skill), Sanskrit, Social Science, Economics (Micro/Macro), Political Science, Psychology, History, Civics, Geography, Philosophy, Sociology, Linguistics, Operation Research, Statistics, Music, Home Science etc.
  • B.B.A./M.B.A/B.C.A/M.C.A/M.Phil – Financial Accounting, Managerial Economics, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Business Communication, Management Accounting, Management Science, Marketing Research, Portfolio Management, labour Laws, Management, System Programming, Statistics, Data Base Systems, Applications, Programming, Languages (C, C++, JAVA, ORACLE, VISUAL BASICS, DOTNET, Q-BASICS AND BASIC COMPUTERS), Data Structures, Networks, Case Studies and Projects etc.


Join “A Plus Home Tutor Provider” and enjoy learning of English language up to all the levels. Our teachers are smart and intelligent and they motivate the students to learn the subjects deeply for their better understanding. They help you to understand the language in a better way so that you can easily understand the n vocabulary, grammar and syntax which help you in communication as well as translations. You can trust us to make better future.


Home Tuition- A Convenient means for learning Our home tutorial service proves to be convenient for the students. They no longer need to travel to take tutorial class that save their time and energy. Our tutors visit your home for conducting the tutoring sessions. Within the comfortable boundaries of your home, your child can concentrate on the studies in the best way. He/she doesn’t have to adjust to any new surroundings. Thus, there are minimum distractions. We have competent teachers who can handle multiple boards (CBSE, ICSE, STATE BOARDS, ISC, NIOS etc.) syllabus.

Home Tutorial : Private Tuition has gained a lot of momentum in Faizabad these days. Parents and students are opting for Home Tutorial service to achieve excellence and higher grades.

The traditional schools treat all the students alike. We, at “A Plus Home Tutor Provider”, genuinely believe that children are unique. They have their own sets of skills, grasping power, learning pace and potential. Some students are naturally brilliant and self-motivated while others might need extra attention and care to excel in academics. A Plus Home Tutor Provider firmly believes that every child has the potential to shine in academics. We put our best efforts in motivating the child to be outstanding in academics. Come to us and your child’s grades are sure to rise.

The high competition among the students stresses them out.A Plus Home Tutor Provider services are tailored to help the students excel in academics and help them cope with the heavy competition. Our Home Tutorial Services help the students unleash the huge potential that exists in each and every individual.

Home Tutorial Services of “A Plus Home Tutor Provider” : Our home tutors can help laid a strong foundation for your child’s brilliant future.  With our home tutorial service, you have the advantage of one-to-one tutoring at the convenience of your home and time. Home tuition’s are no longer a luxury. We bring you home tuitions with the best tutors from leading schools/ Institute in the city at an affordable price. At “A Plus Home Tutor Provider” we endeavor to match tutors and students on the basis of their learning orientation and personality. Tutors may adopt different models of learning – auditory, kinesthetic and visual, etc. Some tutors might be best at teaching using visual aids while others may be comfortable using other styles of learning. It is always a good idea to provide the best matching tutor to the students. This results in a smooth flow of the sessions and a great learning experience for the student. If you are not happy with your tutor for any reason, you can get a quick replacement without any processing extra fee. There is no such thing called a weak and incapable student. The student just has to be in the right environment with the right teacher to excel in studies and it is exactly what we provide with our home tutorial service.

A Plus Home Tutor Provider deals with students on a one-to-one basis, treating every student as an individual. With our superb staff and complete dedication, you will notice substantial improvement with each and every student. Our home tutoring is a very convenient, private and effective way to improve a student’s academic and intellectual proficiency. Our tutors drive to our client’s home in order for students to learn in the comfort of their own space. Whether your student is an elementary, middle, high school, or university level, we can help them with problem solving, homework skills, time management, self confidence, exam preparation and much more, all in an efficient and timely manner. We tailor our services to meet every student’s specific academic needs, including those with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder.

Our quality tutoring services provide superior student skills in studying, writing, reading, and better overall academic grades. We guarantee noticeable progress with every one of our students and full satisfaction with our tutoring services.

We follow this tagline: – “If the child is not learning the way you are teaching, then you must teach in the way the child learns”

Private tutors at “A Plus Home Tutor Provider” are carefully screened and trained. Our tutors have an extended discussion with the student during their first class of the session. They assess the student’s needs and decide on a study plan and methodology. They implement a systematic approach to address the weak areas of the student and strengthen the strong areas. They not only make the student learn, they inspire the student to lead.

Our Mentors, as we like to call our tutors, are :

  1. Smart and Intelligent.
  2. Helpful, patient and encouraging.
  3. Supportive in student’s endeavor to identify their strengths.
  4. Involve students in discussions.
  5. Great motivators.

Six keys points on Home Tuition are listed below :

  1. Home Tuition is not meant just for struggling students.
  2. Home Tuition is an opportunity for one-to-one learning.
  3. Children get to work upon their weak points in Home Tuition.
  4. Home Tuition allows parental involvement.
  5. Home Tuition is better than tuition points/centres.
  6. Home Tuition is best for safety purpose.

Student’s Academic Improvement: Your child’s academic improvement is our priority. Our tutors detect the areas on which your child needs improvement. They keep experimenting with different learning methods to find the best one for your child. By understanding your child’s psychology, our tutors guide your child towards improvement. Our dedicated home tutors bring out the best in your child.